We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of every Private Household.


Bilingual Nannies

Silentnight Private Staff will provide a full trained Bilingual Nanny for your household

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We are ideally placed to provide Gardeners with the skills and experience tailored to your unique requirements

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Day Nannies

We are ideally placed to supply the perfect Day Nanny to provide childcare tailored to your personal requirements

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House Managers

We will leave no stone unturned in the search for the ideal candidate, suitably qualified and competent to meet your specific requirements

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Governesses and Tutors

A Governess may work alone or alongside a nanny or parent to undertake the care, education and promotion of the emotional development of your children.

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Maternity Nurses

We appreciate how important it is to find the right person to employ as a Maternity Nurse to suit the individual needs of you and your new baby

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Night Nannies

We do our utmost to provide all new parents who come to us with the ideal Night Nanny to meet their individual needs, requirements and circumstances

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Sleep Trainers

We have an excellent team of fully trained Sleep Consultants on our Team

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Housekeeper from Silentnight Private Staff


We appreciate that each household has different needs and we take every care to ensure that your Housekeeper is the ideal employee to meet your unique requirements

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We understand the importance that our clients place on employing a Chauffeur whose experience and qualifications meet the highest standards

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Personal Assistant from Silentnight Private Staff

Personal Assistants

We appreciate the importance of finding the right Personal Assistant to suit the individual needs of you and your household

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Norland Trained Nannies

We are ideally placed to provide you with a Norland Trained Nanny to meet your personal requirements who will ensure the best possible Early Years Development and education for your children while providing excellence in all aspects of childcare

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