Sleep Consultant

A Silentnight Sleep Consultant will provide an important and comprehensive understanding of your baby’s sleep cycles and the vital part they play in the all-round development and well-being of your baby. The purpose of a bedtime routine is to prepare your baby for sleep, therefore it should be calm, relaxing and focused. Your Silentnight Sleep Consultation will provide you with all the skills you will need to enable you to promote the perfect sleep routine for your baby.  This can then be followed by 3-4 nights sleep training which is normally enough to establish a good sleep routine.

Your Sleep Consultant will

  • Work as a team with the parents in order to make a thorough and detailed assessment
  • Observe and discuss the presenting signs and symptoms including erratic sleep cycles, props and attention seeking behaviours in addition to a brief history of your pregnancy, birth and any underlying health issues
  • Cover the age and stage of development of your baby together with play activities and relevant stimulation
  • Look at diet and nutrition, breastfeeding, weaning, appetite and topics around feeding in general, discussing any areas of concern for you along with your baby’s sleep problems
  • Create a calm and relaxing sleep routine tailored to suit you and your baby
  • Keep in touch with you providing feedback and ongoing support

A new sleep routine is able to be established within 3-4 nights.

Sleep Consultant Costs

Our Sleep Consultation is normally up to 4 hours long and will cost approximately £250 – £350. This can then be followed by 3-4 nights Sleep Training which is normally enough to establish a good sleep routine.  Sleep Training costs are based on 10 hours per night normally from 9pm – 7am.

Cost per hour
Sleep Trainer – Single Baby £18 – £25
Sleep Trainer – Twins £20 – £28
Sleep Trainer – Triplets £20 – £30

All our Sleep Trainers must have an enhanced DBS and Paediatric First Aid certificate.

Sleep Trainers are self-employed and responsible for paying their own Tax and National Insurance.

All prices include VAT.

Please read and agree to our terms and conditions before booking any of our services.

Frequently asked questions

Q: When is the best time to sleep train my baby?
A: We recommend Sleep Training your baby from the age of 4-6 months of age. Preparation is very important so you need to clear the diary! Visitors, holidays and other unwanted interruptions need to be put on hold. There is no point in doing all the hard work for two days and then stopping because you have a weekend away planned. A good sleep routine will be established within 3–4 nights, you will then want to have a couple of weeks without interruptions to get your baby/child used to their new sleep cycle.

Q: Does Sleep Training involve letting my baby cry until he/she falls asleep?
A: No. The goal is not to let your baby/child cry for extended periods. The goal is to teach your baby/child healthy sleep associations as well as the ability to self-soothe on their own.

Q: Will Sleep Training disturb my other children during the night?
A: The short time Sleep training your baby/child will take will be much less disruptive to family life compared to the weeks, months or even years of disruption that can be experienced if the problem is not addressed.

Q: Will my baby eventually grow out of waking frequently in the night when they are ready?
A: If your baby is over 9 months of age and still wakes frequently during the night it is very unlikely they will grow out of this pattern any time soon, it is more often the case things will get worse in time. One thing to remember is the older your baby/child gets the longer they get used to a bad sleep cycle the harder it will be to make the changes!