House Managers

Silentnight Private Staff appreciates the need for a House Manager to be experienced, capable and infinitely adaptable, able to undertake the many and diverse responsibilities that the role entails. Silentnight will leave no stone unturned in the search for the ideal candidate, suitably qualified and competent to meet your specific requirements.

The role of the House Manager

The House Manager will take responsibility for the smooth running of the household, general maintenance and upkeep of larger properties and private residences. A good House Manager is able to cover for any member of the household staff should the need arise.

What are the duties of a Maternity Nurse?

The particular duties undertaken by the House Manager may include:

  • Overseeing home maintenance and repairs, scheduling of contractors

  • Coordinating and scheduling other staff, dealing with employment issues

  • Planning, organising and directing special events and parties

  • Managing security

  • Administering household budgets

  • Night feeds

  • Receiving and caring for guests and visitors

  • Booking tickets for events, theatres and concerts, and arranging suitable transport

  • Running errands

  • Making restaurant reservations

  • Care of antiques and special collections

  • Managing the household when the family is not in residence

  • Arranging transport for children to and from school

Screening Process

We take our job very seriously in providing the very best House Managers the United Kingdom has to offer. All House Managers who apply to work with us must pass our stringent screening process before we can place them with a family.

We know all the specialist qualities we are looking for and during their initial interview we can get a real feel for if they have the skills and experience required that makes them an expert in their field.

All our House Managers must have:

  • Enhanced DBS Check

Many will have completed training courses in:

  • Breast and bottle feeding

  • Weaning

  • Sleep training

  • Multiple babies

Formal qualifications held by our Maternity Nurses may include:

  • Maternity Nurse Training OCN level 3 and 4

  • NVQ Level 3

  • BTEC Nursery Nursing

  • City & Guilds

NB: Details of individual House Manager’s experience and qualifications are clearly detailed on their CV.

House Manager Costs

Maternity Nurses are self-employed and responsible for paying their own Tax and National Insurance. Their salaries can vary according to experience and whether they are responsible for a single baby, twins or triplets. The following salaries are a guideline only and some very experienced nurses may charge a little more.

Cost per 24 hours
Maternity Nurse – Single Baby £150 – £270
Maternity Nurse – Twins £170 – £350
Maternity Nurse – Triplets £170 – £350

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long do I need a Maternity Nurse for?
A: This really depends on each families individual circumstances and requirements but most bookings last between 6–12 weeks. During this time a good routine will have been established.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book a Maternity Nurse?
A: Maternity Nurses are normally booked 3–6 months prior to your due date. This gives you plenty of opportunities to conduct interviews and feel comfortable you have found the right Maternity Nurse for you.

Q: Do I need to cook meals for my Maternity Nurse?
A: No, Maternity Nurses will cook their own meals. Many will be happy to cook occasional meals for the family but this should be discussed with the Maternity Nurse prior to booking their services.

Q: We are travelling abroad during the time we want to book a Maternity Nurse, will she be able to travel with us?
A: Maternity Nurses are normally happy to travel with you but please discuss all destinations, dates and requirements with them prior to their services.

Q: Where does a Maternity Nurse sleep?
A: Maternity Nurses usually sleep in a spare room or nursery with the baby/babies. They will require a bed.