Sleep Consultants get you into the perfect routine

Baby Sleep Consultant 2

Sleep Consultants

  • Expert knowledge on all sleep issues
  • Guiding baby into a sleep good routine day and night
  • Resolving night wakes

  • Undo reliance on feeding, rocking, co-sleeping and dummies.

Sleep Consultants

A Silentnight Sleep Consultant will provide an important and comprehensive understanding of your baby’s sleep cycles and the vital part they play in the all-round development and well-being of your baby. The purpose of a bedtime routine is to prepare your baby for sleep, therefore it should be calm, relaxing and focused. Your Silentnight Sleep Consultation will provide you with all the skills you will need to enable you to promote the perfect sleep routine for your baby.  This can then be followed by 3-4 nights sleep training which is normally enough to establish a good sleep routine.