Norland Trained Nannies

School teacher Emily Ward appreciated the need for training in structured early years childcare and education and founded the country’s first college to offer formal tuition in this field at Norland Place, London in 1892. Now situated in Bath, Norland College provides training to the highest level in all aspects of Early Years Development, safeguarding and child protection, child health, nutrition and cooking, child psychology, history, literature, developing a child’s maths skills. The students also learn first aid, Taekwondo self defence, safe driving skills and lifeguard skills.

Silentnight Private Staff is ideally placed to provide you with a Norland Trained Nanny to meet your personal requirements and who will ensure the best possible early years development and education for your children while providing excellence in all aspects of childcare.

Role of a Norland Trained Nanny

Arriving home with your new baby can be a daunting and extremely tiring time. A Maternity Nurse will live with your family and provide you with invaluable support and knowledge from the time you arrive home with your new baby for normally 6-12 weeks by which time a good routine will have been established. Your Maternity Nurse will be with you 24 hours a day for 5-6 days per week, depending on individual requirements, but does require a 3-4 hour mutually convenient break.

The duties, tasks and hours that a Norland Nanny works will be customised to the individual needs of the family and can include:

  • Providing the children with nutritious, balanced meals

  • Maintaining full communication with the parents concerning the care of the children, hours of duty, baby sitting, transport and expenses

  • Providing the children with nutritious, balanced meals

  • Organising activities promoting the all round development of the children

  • Keeping the children’s bedrooms, playrooms, nursery etc clean and tidy

  • Cleaning and tidying the nanny’s own accommodation

  • Laundry and mending of the children’s clothes

  • Maintaining household equipment used in the care of the children in a clean and safe condition

  • Ensuring that all equipment, child car seats, buggies etc are used in a safe and efficient manner

  • Taking the children to school or playgroup

  • Taking the children on appropriate outings and arranging outside activities

  • Making preparations for visits away and holidays, and travelling with the children if necessary

  • Organising and preparing special occasions, birthday parties etc

  • Care of the children during any illness and ensuring the timely administration of medicines

A Norland Trained Nanny would not normally be expected to undertake any general housework.

Screening Process

At Silentnight Private Staff we take our responsibilities very seriously in providing the very best childcare personnel the United Kingdom has to offer.  All Norland Trained Nannies who apply to work with us must pass our stringent vetting process, hold an enhanced DBS and Paediatric First Aid certificate before we can place them with a family.

  • Paediatric First Aid Certificate

  • Enhanced DBS Check

Many will have completed training courses in:

  • Breast and bottle feeding

  • Weaning

  • Sleep training

  • Multiple babies

Formal qualifications held by our Norland Nanny may include:

  • Maternity Nurse Training OCN level 3 and 4

  • NVQ Level 3

  • BTEC Nursery Nursing

  • City & Guilds

NB: Details of individual Norland Nanny experience and qualifications are clearly detailed on their CV.

Norland Nanny Costs

Maternity Nurses are self-employed and responsible for paying their own Tax and National Insurance. Their salaries can vary according to experience and whether they are responsible for a single baby, twins or triplets. The following salaries are a guideline only and some very experienced nurses may charge a little more.

Cost per 24 hours
Maternity Nurse – Single Baby £150 – £270
Maternity Nurse – Twins £170 – £350
Maternity Nurse – Triplets £170 – £350